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"İstiklal , İstikbal , Hürriyet , Her sey Adaletle kaimdir"




Özkan Law Office was founded in 1996 by Atty. Ali Yaşar ÖZKAN, it has achieved a dynamic and stable development and progress since its establishment and has been recognized as one of the reputable law firms in the country. In our office, where the principle of justice, fairness, legal understanding and belief are taken as the basis and aim, mediation and legal arbitration, expert advice and alternative dispute resolution methods are provided in accordance with professional principles and ethics rules.

The basic principle of our office is to provide legal advice to minimize the risks and damages that may arise as a result of the necessary determinations and analyzes before the disputes emerge, and to ensure the protection of the rights and interests of the clients through effective follow-up and evaluation after the emergence of the dispute. In particular, as an active mediator of alternative dispute resolution methods, it allows individuals to resolve their disputes economically, quickly, confidentially and voluntarily.

Within the professional rules; mutual trust, transparency, information and participation in the processes are our primary princi

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